Saturday, January 07, 2006

JpyDbg V0.0.14 is out

I just dropped the V 0.0.14 of Jpydbg today which is can now be used both by JEDIT and NETBEANS users ... Of course There are still ongoing improvements with the NETBEANS implementation which I considered as beta, and my short term goal will be to improve it with the V 0.0.15 as a final clean and lean NETBEANS implementation.
I finally switched my priorities and decided to make the NETBEANS Version happen before the Python's profiler functionality .... Just because NETBEANS is a really cool IDE with tons of free availables plugins and a way to increase the number of NETBEANS users was to provide a free PYTHON language plugin for the platform.

My Plan for the next monthes will be :
- V0.0.15 : NETBEANS finalizations ( March 2006 )
Next I will start to provide new functionalities both for JEDIT and NETBEANS
- V0.0.16 : Python profiler integration + some minor enhancements ...( June 2006 )