Saturday, October 01, 2005

V 0.0.13 released : small is beautifull

First as previously stated this new version main enhancement pylint GUI integration (see pylint link on the right ) within jpydbg.

So what's next now :

Topic 1 Maintenance enhancement : Profiler integration.
Topic 2 New development adventure : Providing a Netbeans JpyDbg pluggin Module.

Let's sumarize what Jpydbg has provided during the last couple of years of Python/Java hacking :

- The first integration of a Python debugger inside a Java based IDE environment ( December 2003 )
- The first integration of a Jython debugger inside a Java based IDE environment( February 2005 )

Wether JEdit is really an IDE or not depends on wether or not you consider Emacs as being an IDE ; my personal answer on this is definitively yes.

Next Wether you prefer Emacs over Jedit is a religious debate that I do not want to have here

'clean coding' , 'clean implementation' , 'interfaces stability' are the main JEdit advantages which by the way makes me spare a lot of time when building and maintaining JpyDbg.

And finally just a couple of jars needs to be installed to get a full Python IDE out of the box : 'Small is Beautifull'

Next JpyDbg have been also professionally integrated inside SEFAS products for Python production code debugging environnements where the capacity of having a professional Python IDE beeing installed in 5 minutes is very important.

I Finally dislike the way Eclipse has reeinvented the Java GUI wheel by implementing SWT ; This simply added a lot of confusion to the Java development community. BTW : Having an Eclipse LAF using Swing does not seem so complicated :

In parallel Netbeans is provided better and better version as time goes on : Netbeans 5.0 BETA is now impressive and provides now a descent Swing based Plugin Modules toolkit comparable to the Eclipse plugin functionality : this is a good Time to start a Netbeans plugin trial in parallel with the Jedit main Branch . Since Netbeans is Swing based, this should be mostly compliant with the today's JpyDbg Jedit implementation (at least at the panel components level).