Sunday, October 29, 2006

JpyDbg 0.0.18 : Halloween's drop

Fall is a great season to drop the last release of JpyDbg for Netbeans and JEdit: I have been using this version since the end of the summer on a daily basis for my own Python development tracking reminding bugs in order to make it as stable as possible, and now it's time to drop those new features : on the netbeans side Editor integration has been improved and code folding is now available. On the JEdit side I have fully revisited and improved the Autocompletion feature that I will also make available for Netbeans in the 0.0.19 Version which should be out by the end of Spring 2007

Thursday, May 18, 2006

What's new in JpyDbg 0.0.17

The new version of jpydbg 0.0.17 is out for both Jedit and Netbeans , containing following enhancements :

- Netbeans standard debugging views are now used for Python debugging.
- Threading implemented.
- Detailed debugging views over python sequences and maps object.
- improving python debugging arguments panel access

Dropping a new stable version every 6 monthes is a reasonable time line plan that I will start to follow from now.

Saturday, January 07, 2006

JpyDbg V0.0.14 is out

I just dropped the V 0.0.14 of Jpydbg today which is can now be used both by JEDIT and NETBEANS users ... Of course There are still ongoing improvements with the NETBEANS implementation which I considered as beta, and my short term goal will be to improve it with the V 0.0.15 as a final clean and lean NETBEANS implementation.
I finally switched my priorities and decided to make the NETBEANS Version happen before the Python's profiler functionality .... Just because NETBEANS is a really cool IDE with tons of free availables plugins and a way to increase the number of NETBEANS users was to provide a free PYTHON language plugin for the platform.

My Plan for the next monthes will be :
- V0.0.15 : NETBEANS finalizations ( March 2006 )
Next I will start to provide new functionalities both for JEDIT and NETBEANS
- V0.0.16 : Python profiler integration + some minor enhancements ...( June 2006 )