Thursday, December 29, 2005

V 0.0.14 Jedit + Netbeans plugin soon

Here above a first preview screen shot Of netbeans jpydbg plugin before the V0.0.14 release coming soon.

The fall and winter period has been pretty busy spending night and weekends in order to be able to drop a compatible Netbeans / Jedit pluggin for the new year ... And here we are

I am now pretty on my way to do that ; I start to have a descent python netbeans nbm ... I mainly need to polish a little bit further in order to provide an acceptable as stable as possible beta version for Netbeans ... And to enhance the documentation as well in order to describe both environment suport now.

The Jedit pluggin is mainly a maintenance purpose drop ; I mainly spent time to provide compatible bridge code between Jedit and Netbeans interfaces. This task has been simplified a lot Since both IDE are Swing based ... And I have been able to reuse a lot of my debugger's components.