Tuesday, September 20, 2005

V 0.0.12 released

This new version provides usability and look and feel enhancement , that I was willing to start for a long time.
This summer I got some free times ( during hollydays ) to start and finally implements those enhancements.

So this new fall's version contains this new stuff :

- The Variable Window has been turned into a clean and lean Python Object Memory Browser based on a classical JTree Table with calpability of opening recursively complex object nodes for more details.

- Jython environment configuration have been simplifed.

- Clean isolation/separations of Jython and Python configuration context

- A Check button for Jython / Python configuration correctness has been provided

- PYTHON PATH management has been revisited and improved.

Next release 0.0.13 will contain an integration of PyLint ; integration will be very close to the one available for PyDev(Eclipse) ; based on Jedit already used ErrorList plugin

And coming finally with the 0.0.14 the profiler should be the final touch. After a discussion with fabio Zadrozny( PyDev's maintainer ) ; I will try to provide the profiler's functionality both for JpyDbg (Jedit) and PyDev(Eclipse). Since this may be more complex ; this is the reason why I do it last.

Sunday, September 04, 2005


Coming back from hollydays is a good time to start blogging around my Python contributions (jpydbg and pymvs) :

so this is the first post with some on going works which are in progress ; so let's introduce JpyDbg advantages in this first message :

- JpyDbg on which I started to work two years ago , is now pretty stable lot of cool debugging and editing features like :
- Python + Jython support(available for more than one year).
- Live debugging shell : which provides a true python shell window at debug time for dynamic python expression evaluations.
- changing variable values content at debug time which is a great time saver.
- Syntax coloring and checking with a cool simple AST view of the Python code in a syntax tree.
- import semantics checking through the import navigator feature which tells you from which PYTHONPATH directory is your import resolved.
- Mouse Rollover debugging : at debug time point your mouse on a variable inside the editor and you got it evaluated inside a tiny ToolTipText.

Next version of jpydbg which will be out for halloween (let's call it the alloween drop :=) )

My plan here is to provide following enhancement and new features :
-integrate Python profiler.
-integrate Pylint console.
-improve variable panel by setting up a tabletree panel instead of a siple jtable in order to be able to recursivelly display complex type.
-Improve PYTHONPATH management.

This plan is pretty agressive for a midnight project ... I'll try to respect it as much as possible ; providing weekly detailled progress here, and intermediate drop announcements