Thursday, December 29, 2005

V 0.0.14 Jedit + Netbeans plugin soon

Here above a first preview screen shot Of netbeans jpydbg plugin before the V0.0.14 release coming soon.

The fall and winter period has been pretty busy spending night and weekends in order to be able to drop a compatible Netbeans / Jedit pluggin for the new year ... And here we are

I am now pretty on my way to do that ; I start to have a descent python netbeans nbm ... I mainly need to polish a little bit further in order to provide an acceptable as stable as possible beta version for Netbeans ... And to enhance the documentation as well in order to describe both environment suport now.

The Jedit pluggin is mainly a maintenance purpose drop ; I mainly spent time to provide compatible bridge code between Jedit and Netbeans interfaces. This task has been simplified a lot Since both IDE are Swing based ... And I have been able to reuse a lot of my debugger's components.

Saturday, October 01, 2005

V 0.0.13 released : small is beautifull

First as previously stated this new version main enhancement pylint GUI integration (see pylint link on the right ) within jpydbg.

So what's next now :

Topic 1 Maintenance enhancement : Profiler integration.
Topic 2 New development adventure : Providing a Netbeans JpyDbg pluggin Module.

Let's sumarize what Jpydbg has provided during the last couple of years of Python/Java hacking :

- The first integration of a Python debugger inside a Java based IDE environment ( December 2003 )
- The first integration of a Jython debugger inside a Java based IDE environment( February 2005 )

Wether JEdit is really an IDE or not depends on wether or not you consider Emacs as being an IDE ; my personal answer on this is definitively yes.

Next Wether you prefer Emacs over Jedit is a religious debate that I do not want to have here

'clean coding' , 'clean implementation' , 'interfaces stability' are the main JEdit advantages which by the way makes me spare a lot of time when building and maintaining JpyDbg.

And finally just a couple of jars needs to be installed to get a full Python IDE out of the box : 'Small is Beautifull'

Next JpyDbg have been also professionally integrated inside SEFAS products for Python production code debugging environnements where the capacity of having a professional Python IDE beeing installed in 5 minutes is very important.

I Finally dislike the way Eclipse has reeinvented the Java GUI wheel by implementing SWT ; This simply added a lot of confusion to the Java development community. BTW : Having an Eclipse LAF using Swing does not seem so complicated :

In parallel Netbeans is provided better and better version as time goes on : Netbeans 5.0 BETA is now impressive and provides now a descent Swing based Plugin Modules toolkit comparable to the Eclipse plugin functionality : this is a good Time to start a Netbeans plugin trial in parallel with the Jedit main Branch . Since Netbeans is Swing based, this should be mostly compliant with the today's JpyDbg Jedit implementation (at least at the panel components level).

Tuesday, September 20, 2005

V 0.0.12 released

This new version provides usability and look and feel enhancement , that I was willing to start for a long time.
This summer I got some free times ( during hollydays ) to start and finally implements those enhancements.

So this new fall's version contains this new stuff :

- The Variable Window has been turned into a clean and lean Python Object Memory Browser based on a classical JTree Table with calpability of opening recursively complex object nodes for more details.

- Jython environment configuration have been simplifed.

- Clean isolation/separations of Jython and Python configuration context

- A Check button for Jython / Python configuration correctness has been provided

- PYTHON PATH management has been revisited and improved.

Next release 0.0.13 will contain an integration of PyLint ; integration will be very close to the one available for PyDev(Eclipse) ; based on Jedit already used ErrorList plugin

And coming finally with the 0.0.14 the profiler should be the final touch. After a discussion with fabio Zadrozny( PyDev's maintainer ) ; I will try to provide the profiler's functionality both for JpyDbg (Jedit) and PyDev(Eclipse). Since this may be more complex ; this is the reason why I do it last.

Sunday, September 04, 2005


Coming back from hollydays is a good time to start blogging around my Python contributions (jpydbg and pymvs) :

so this is the first post with some on going works which are in progress ; so let's introduce JpyDbg advantages in this first message :

- JpyDbg on which I started to work two years ago , is now pretty stable lot of cool debugging and editing features like :
- Python + Jython support(available for more than one year).
- Live debugging shell : which provides a true python shell window at debug time for dynamic python expression evaluations.
- changing variable values content at debug time which is a great time saver.
- Syntax coloring and checking with a cool simple AST view of the Python code in a syntax tree.
- import semantics checking through the import navigator feature which tells you from which PYTHONPATH directory is your import resolved.
- Mouse Rollover debugging : at debug time point your mouse on a variable inside the editor and you got it evaluated inside a tiny ToolTipText.

Next version of jpydbg which will be out for halloween (let's call it the alloween drop :=) )

My plan here is to provide following enhancement and new features :
-integrate Python profiler.
-integrate Pylint console.
-improve variable panel by setting up a tabletree panel instead of a siple jtable in order to be able to recursivelly display complex type.
-Improve PYTHONPATH management.

This plan is pretty agressive for a midnight project ... I'll try to respect it as much as possible ; providing weekly detailled progress here, and intermediate drop announcements