Sunday, October 29, 2006

JpyDbg 0.0.18 : Halloween's drop

Fall is a great season to drop the last release of JpyDbg for Netbeans and JEdit: I have been using this version since the end of the summer on a daily basis for my own Python development tracking reminding bugs in order to make it as stable as possible, and now it's time to drop those new features : on the netbeans side Editor integration has been improved and code folding is now available. On the JEdit side I have fully revisited and improved the Autocompletion feature that I will also make available for Netbeans in the 0.0.19 Version which should be out by the end of Spring 2007


Jacobean said...

Hi, I just discovered the jpydbg project, and it looks GREAT! I'm going to install it and start playing around with it this weekend. I'm very excited about the new autocompletion feature :)
Also, I'm a developer, and I've had a strong interest in helping out with a free and open source IDE for python/jython. If you're interested, I may be able to contribute some time to jpydbg. Further comments will be emailed to me, so please just reply to this post to let me know.


Ben said...

Hello, I was playing around jpydbg and I tried following the instructions as printed, but could not continue because I could not find a net beans module file with which to install the plug-in. I am using Net Beans 6 RC2. The instructions keep mentioning a jpydbg.nbm file, but I can't find it! I looked on the net through various search engienes. Any help would be appreciated. Using Coyote and Netbeans 5.5 for now.

Luiz T. Honda said...

Hi Jean,

I've opened a feature request for Netbeans 6.0 two months ago asking for Python support. At that time, I did not know about your project. An user called NlFieldler told me about Jpydbg. I just want to mention two hints:

1)in this page ( Netbeans provides support for other languages than Java. I've tried to implement some Python support using it but I can't find anyone in Netbeans dev team to help me. Maybe you can improve your project using it, right?

2)Netbeans has a platform development. I think it is possible to create a Python IDE similar to Netbeans without much trouble.

BTW, great project! I wish to see Netbeans edit Python code the same way it does for Java, someday.