Sunday, January 18, 2009

Bug fixing and improvements in python debugger

After the initial drop of the multithreaded version of the debugger a couple of weeks ago, my main activity had consisted in making internal improvements and fixing initial bugs.

The main problem with the debugger consists mainly in maintaining Python/Jython compatibility and checking with the different python versions . Jython is setting more critical sections in settrace that Python and avoid debugger's deadlock is sometime a real challenge ;=) with jython then.

As soon as I am confident enough with the debugger multithreaded foundations I'll then start the functional enhancements that will be more visible in the coming weeks.

It's also important to start keeping the level of bug low enough since we shortly will enter an intermediate beta drop of the 7.0 ... So chasing the easy to fix bugs has also been part of my activity last week.( IssueZilla 156502 and 156967 have been fixed during that period )

Since I am using Netbeans python for my own projects on a daily base, I feel frustrated not to have multiple file selections on File choosers in python projects and python platform panels ... Since that was also a very simple improvement I made that change as well which is available on 7.0 trunk from build #663

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